Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Busy scouting - Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. for Transformers last week.

Things are going well. The script is feeling very different from the other two. I ended my scout down in Miami this weekend to load my plane with 14 Florida Surgeons, specialists in various fields and flew them down to Haiti. We then returned with a planeload of a team of exhausted Miami Fire rescue. It is proving very difficult for these volunteers to get back home. They say the news hardly gives the true scope of what really happened. They really feel about 500,000 probably died. One of the worst stories I heard from people down there - because of the huge lack of education in Haiti – when the earthquake struck – everyone ran inside buildings most likely to their graves. The state of Florida is really pulling their weight in this massive effort.

-Michael Bay

while Michael Bay & TF3 group are busy SCOUTING in HAITI.. for the mean time, I will show you the replacement....

the "TRANSPORTMERS" (made in the Philippines)

all image above are only grabbed from someone Multiple Site..

at siyempre, dahil ako ay isang "INGGIT-tero",, i make One also.. they forgot our transfort used on 19th CENTURY.. "Philippine Kalesa"

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