Saturday, March 6, 2010

My RIBBON Collection in various color

BLUE Ribbon
is a positive symbol of the need to do one’s best when it comes to children and families. Since 1989, thousands of people nationwide wear the blue ribbon during April—National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month—and year round to create awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and neglect

WHITE Ribbon
One of the most notable usages of the white ribbon in recent times is as the symbol of violence against women, domestic violence, safe motherhood, and other related causes.

are worn on the lapel for anti-tobacco

PINK Ribbon
have been used to express solidarity on the part of the wearer with the identified cause since the early to late 20th Century. Pink Ribbons (and the color pink) are used to express support for women (and men) who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

shows awareness of leukemia

GRAY Ribbon
shows awareness of DIABETES

RED Ribbon
is the international symbol of support for people living with HIV. Wearing a red ribbon is a great way to raise awareness about HIV as well as to break down stigma and prejudice, so make sure you get yours in time for World AIDS Day!

shows against CRUELTY to ANIMAL

GREEN Ribbon

being Vegetarian..

BLACK Ribbon

to shows SYMPATHY to Maguindanao Massacre Victim


Solidarity with the striking workers of Hacienda Luisita! Extend the picket lines to the heartland of the Cojuangco-Aquino EMPIRE! For solidarity strike action in Metro Manila and throughout the sugar industry!

TRUTH SHALL REVEAL - check this out :

Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Without Internet

After my Mobily 3.5G load expired last Feb 13, 2010, some delay bump in my salary coz of Lengthy process in project billing..

so, I cant able to reload again and need to go back in my old fashioned activities such as watching movies, playing cards with my co-worker like “TONG ITS” or “PUSOY”

while i am waiting.. something got me thinking..

what if computer suddenly go blue screen and irrevocably lost the Internet?

How do i Live without enet?

This is unimaginable nightmare for me..

How can I check the NEWS FEED from my 673 friends in FACEBOOK as of MAR 1, 2010 5:10pm

a latest discussion in “Definitely Filipino”wall,

How can i sustain my fight against Ultra National Gang in Moscow tru MAFIA WARS and witness the feds while turning up the heat cause of hundred thousand users.. THE RESULT.. they need to lay low for a while

How can I met new acquaintance and accept the invitation from FAKE POSER in FRIENDSTER..

How can I catch a high quality image from test shoot of Ned Elarmo, Ruel tafalla, Jerome Chua & sir Tony Santos with the glamorous and hot model everytime they had latest published in MULTIPLY

How do my fences and FIREWALLS erect every time I got virus from YOUTUBE and LIMEWIRE download

How can I argue with Mexican and American fan of mayweather in BOXINGSCENE forum everytime that MANNY PACQUIAO has fight sked,

and become No. 1 SPAMMER in BANGENGE forums

How can I make Epic presentation to my BLOGS :
and to my JOURNAL in Multiply

Where can I find Online FM like Sigaw96.7 every time I make trip to sound, and watch live feeds of GMA & ABS-CBN @ HAYAG

Where can I find convenience communication to my family like YAHOO messenger, SKYPE & CHIKKA

How can I find another job using JOBSTREET and WORKABROAD

And my resource like YAHOO & GOOGLE search that made me more knowledgeable, I have learned things I never thought I would even begin to think about

The INTERNET can also bring like-minded people together. People can seek out others like themselves and exchange information, or just feel happy that they aren't alone

At last, After 15 days ive got my Salary..

I’m connected again..

How about you? Can you Live without Internet??