Friday, October 23, 2009

BANGON : Rico Blanco

im not updated sa mga current affairs sa pinas especially nang Humagupit ang Bagyong si "Ondoy".. in fact nauna pa makaalam ang mga bangladesh na kalapit namin ng kuwarto...


but when i watched this video and heard the music of mr RICO BLANCO - BANGON.. nanindig ang balahibo ko at naramdaman ko ang hirap at pagkakaisa ng mga kababayan natin sa PINAS..

Writing Bangon is Rico’s own little way of getting support and donations to help the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng who recently destructed millions of properties leaving thousands of people homeless.

BANGON (Lyrics)

Pinaluhod tayo,

Sa isang hagupit

Niragasa, sinalanta, Pinaluha

Humupa ang unos, isang bahaghari!

Dala ng bukang liwayway

-Pag-ibig.. Pagkakaisa

BANGON, Pilipinas kong mahal

Akay ang pananampalataya sa may kapal

AHON, Buhay sa yong dugo

Ang tibay na tatak ng tunay na Pilipino

At nagising ang bayanihan

Milyon milyon naging isa

Walang kami, Walang kayo, Walang sila,

Tanging ligayaAy pag alay ng sarili sa iba

BANGON, Pilipinas kong mahal

Akay ng pananampalataya sa may kapal

AHON, Taglay ng yong dugo

Ang tibay na tatak ng tunay na Pilipino

Bridge:Hindi ka namin iiwanHindi tayo susuko!

Lulusong tayo't magtatagumpayMagtatagumpay!

BANGON, Pilipinas kong mahal

Akay ang pananampalataya sa may kapal

AHON, Buhay sa yong dugoAng tibay na tatak ng tunay na Pilipino

Coda:Lahat nitong mga pagsubokAy ating kayang lagpasanLahat nitong mga pagsubokAy ating kayang lagpasan

Here is the press release of Bangon from Rico Blanco’s official website:
Countless Filipinos have heroically gone out of their way to help our brothers and sisters in this time of need. This is just my humble contribution as a singer and musician. I hope, in my own little way, I can help raise additional funds they badly need, and perhaps give a little boost to their morale to help them get back on their feet again.
I am offering a completely new song, ‘Bangon’ as a free download. Hopefully it will alsoraise some badly needed funds through your donations. Warner Music Philippines is currently helping me set up a bank account to accomodate your cash donations as well as a Paypal account for those of you who wish to help from overseas.
For those who wish to donate now, you can text Bangon to 5677. I am waiving all royalties, the amount of which will go to our countrymen affected by the typhoons.
Please feel free to download the track, use it, and share with your friends to spread the message of hope to everyone.
Thank you for your kindness. God bless. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Friday, October 9, 2009

CANON EOS 40D - kailan ka magiging akin??

If you have a strong passion for Photography, then you must be looking for quality camera also.

Well, I have strong passion over photography and I always visit “Photographers Multiply” to Surf Nice Shot using SLR digital Camera

I want to buy Camera but it’s too expensive here compare in Philippines

...........this is the Camera I like most..

Review based on a production Canon EOS 40D

The EOS 40D becomes the sixth Canon 'prosumer' digital SLR, a line which started back in 2000 with the EOS D30, and how far we've come. It's been eighteen months since the EOS 30D and although on the surface the 40D looks like a fairly subtle upgrade there's a lot that makes this an even better camera. Of course we expect a step up in megapixels, and so the 40D comes with a ten million pixel CMOS sensor with the same sort of dust reduction as the EOS 400D, an ultrasonic platform which shakes the low pass filter. Other improvements bring the EOS 40D closer into line with the EOS-1D series, these include a move to the same page-by-page menu system, both RAW and sRAW (2.5 MP), 14-bit A/D converter and 14-bit RAW, cross-type AF points for F5.6 or faster lenses, a larger and brighter viewfinder, interchangeable focusing screens, a larger LCD monitor (3.0") and faster continuous shooting (6.5 fps).

Weatherproof : Battery door and storage compartment
Sensor : • 10.1 million effective pixels• 5.7 µm pixel pitch
A/D converter : 14-bit
Image sizes : • 3888 x 2592 • 2816 x 1880 • 1936 x 1288
RAW files : • CR2 format, 14-bit• RAW full resolution • sRAW (2.5 MP)
Image processor : DIGIC III
Dust reduction : High speed vibration of filter
Auto focus :
• 9-point TTL CMOS sensor
• Points cross-type for F5.6 or faster lens
• Center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster
Metering range : 0.0 to 20 EV
Spot metering : Approx. 3.8% at center
Auto ISO : ISO 400 to 800 / 100 to 800 depending on exposure mode
Kelvin WB : 2500 - 10000 K in 100 K steps
Viewfinder : • 95% frame coverage• Magnification: 0.95x• Eyepoint: 22 mm
Focusing screen : • Interchangeable precision matte• Two other screens available
LCD monitor : • 3.0 " TFT LCD• 230,000 pixels
LCD Live View : Yes, including mirror-drop AF
Main LCD settings display : When changing settings such as AF mode or White Balance
Tilt correction : Yes
High-speed continuous : • 6.5 fps• Up to 75 JPEG Large/Fine images
• 5.0 fps• Up to 30 JPEG Large/Fine images
Wireless connectivity : • WFT-E3/E3A• Integrates as vertical hand grip


Model : Riza Santos
Photog by : Masrapido

Model : Sachie Sanders
Photog by: Ned Elarmo

1st set

2nd set

ah eh,,, alin nga ba ang gusto ko maging akin,,, yung CANON EOS 40D o si SACHIE SANDERS????

BOTH na nga lang.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Created By: Paul T. Scheuring

This drama focuses on a prison designer who gets himself thrown into one of his own prisons to help his falsely accused brother escape death row. Described as in the vein of The Great Escape (and also compared to "24" due to its compressed time frame and season-length plotline), the series will unfold over 22 episodes, charting the course of a single break.

Prison Break centers on Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) who is on death row for a crime he did not commit. His brother Michael (Wentworth Miller) decides to get incarcerated in order to free his brother and prove his innocence. Michael aligns himself with other prisoners as well as his one and only outside ally, defense attorney and longtime friend Veronica Donovan, to prove Lincoln's innocence.Undoubtedly pitched to network executives as "24 Behind Bars," the weekly, hour-long continuing drama Prison Break starred Wentworth Miller as structural engineer Michael Scofield, who when first seen by the audience was somewhat inexplicably in the process of committing a bank robbery -- and then allowing himself to be arrested and convicted. Scofield was sentenced to five years at Fox River Penitentiary, where, by a stunning coincidence, his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) was spending his last month on Death Row, awaiting execution for the murder of the brother of the U.S. vice president. Convinced that Lincoln was innocent and the victim of a government conspiracy, Scofield had purposely gotten himself incarcerated at Fox River for the express purpose of helping his brother escape -- a task made slightly less formidable by the fact that Scofield had helped design the prison! Our hero's meticulously worked out scheme depended upon the cooperation of several co-conspirators, among them Scofield's likable cellmate Sucre (Amaury Nolasco); well-connected mobster (and fellow prisoner) Abruzzi (Peter Stormare); Charles Westmoreland (Muse Watson), who may or may have not really been the legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper; and sympathetic prison doctor Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), whose dad was the governor of Illinois. Meanwhile, Lincoln's former girlfriend, lawyer Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney), burned the midnight oil to figure out who would want to frame Lincoln and why; and Lincoln's 15-year-old son LJ (Marshall Allman) desperately tried to make sense of the fact that both his dad and his favorite uncle were now beyond his reach (temporarily, anyway).