Wednesday, February 10, 2010


LMAO.. sobrang natawa talaga ako nung nakita ko to sa FACEBOOK...

kung tutuusin nga naman, hindi lang ang pagiging "walang KURAP na Gobyerno" ang magiging basehan upang mapatakbo ng isang magaling na Leader ang Bansa.

You dont have to be Natural Leader, Good Leader has skills, techniques & "Strong Personality" at syempre kelangan din ng "UTAK" . paano ka magpapatupad ng batas kung yung mismong batas na iyong isinusulong ay hindi mo maipasa-pasa..

pero may Correction ako dito sa POST na to.. masyado naman dito minamaliit si NOYNOY

FOI (for our info) merong naipasa si NOY na batas sa senado, baka sabihin "BIAS", i will show here both NOYNOY & LAPID - SENATE BILLS na naaprubahan sa SENADO..

Two bills authored by Noynoy have passed Senate and are pending before the House of Representatives:

Senate Bill No. 2978 would amend Republic Act No. 6875, or the Local Government Act, to put in place parameters for the selection of PNP Provincial Directors and City/Municipal Chief of Police for local government units.

Senate Bill No. 1710 would ban the re-appointment of a regular member of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) who has already served the full term.

The Senate has passed Sen. Manuel "Lito" Lapid's proposal that grants legal assistance to the poor and gives lawyers tax credits for legal services rendered to poor clients.

SB 2361, or the Legal Assistance to the Poor Act of 2010, will encourage more lawyers and law firms to render pro bono services to poor clients who cannot afford lawyers by giving them tax credits for these free legal services.

Lapid's legislative work in the Senate also includes the passage of numerous bills enacted into law which he either, principally authored or co-authored.

These laws include the "Cheaper Medicines Law" which cut the prices of the most useful medicines. Lapid worked as co-author of the consolidated bill that has become the Cheaper Medicines Law. He is also the principal author of the "law which made Arnis a national martial art sport."

it means....

nyahahahaha,, lamang pa din si Lito Lapid..

kaya nde ko pinangarap tumakbo Presidente e, ang alam ko lang bill ay Electric Bill, Telephone Bill at Water Bill..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World Tallest Skyscraper suddenly Shutdown

after i posted "world tallest skyscraper opened" and "storm hitting burj khalifa" a month ago... now, the world's tallest skyscraper suddenly shutdown....

ang mga naka-booking for check-in para sa Valentines day, NAPURNADA... WTF happen??

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The world's tallest skyscraper has unexpectedly closed to the public a month after its lavish opening, disappointing tourists headed for the observation deck and casting doubt over plans to welcome its first permanent occupants in the coming weeks.

Electrical problems are at least partly to blame for the closure of the Burj Khalifa's viewing platform — the only part of the half-mile high tower open yet. But a lack of information from the spire's owner left it unclear whether the rest of the largely empty building — including dozens of elevators meant to whisk visitors to the tower's more than 160 floors — was affected by the shutdown.

The indefinite closure, which began Sunday, comes as Dubai struggles to revive its international image as a cutting-edge Arab metropolis amid nagging questions about its financial health.

The Persian Gulf city-state had hoped the 2,717-foot (828-meter) Burj Khalifa would be a major tourist draw. Dubai has promoted itself by wowing visitors with over-the-top attractions such as the Burj, which juts like a silvery needle out of the desert and can be seen from miles around.

In recent weeks, thousands of tourists have lined up for the chance to buy tickets for viewing times often days in advance that cost more than $27 apiece. Now many of those would-be visitors, such as Wayne Boyes, a tourist from near Manchester, England, must get back in line for refunds.
"It's just very disappointing," said Boyes, 40, who showed up at the Burj's entrance Monday with a ticket for an afternoon time slot only to be told the viewing platform was closed. "The tower was one of my main reasons for coming here," he said.

The precise cause of the $1.5 billion Dubai skyscraper's temporary shutdown remained unclear.
In a brief statement responding to questions, building owner Emaar Properties blamed the closure on "unexpected high traffic," but then suggested that electrical problems were also at fault.

"Technical issues with the power supply are being worked on by the main and subcontractors and the public will be informed upon completion," the company said, adding that it is "committed to the highest quality standards at Burj Khalifa."

Despite repeated requests, a spokeswoman for Emaar was unable to provide further details or rule out the possibility of foul play. Greg Sang, Emaar's director of projects and the man charged with coordinating the tower's construction, could not be reached. Construction workers at the base of the tower said they were unaware of any problems.

Power was reaching some parts of the building. Strobe lights warning aircraft flashed and a handful of floors were illuminated after nightfall.
Emaar did not say when the observation deck would reopen. Ticket sales agents were accepting bookings starting on Valentine's Day this Sunday, though one reached by The Associated Press could not confirm the building would reopen then.

Tourists affected by the closure are being offered the chance to rebook or receive refunds.

The shutdown comes at a sensitive time for Dubai. The city-state is facing a slump in tourism — which accounts for nearly a fifth of the local economy — while fending off negative publicity caused by more than $80 billion in debt it is struggling to repay.

Ervin Hladnik-Milharcic, 55, a Slovenian writer planning to visit the city for the first time this month, said he hoped the Burj would reopen soon.

"It was the one thing I really wanted to see," he said. "The tower was projected as a metaphor for Dubai. So the metaphor should work. There are no excuses."

Dubai opened the skyscraper on Jan. 4 in a blaze of fireworks televised around the world. The building had been known as the Burj Dubai during more than half a decade of construction, but the name was suddenly changed on opening night to honor the ruler of neighboring Abu Dhabi.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of seven small sheikdoms that comprise the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi hosts the federation's capital and holds most of the country's vast oil reserves. It has provided Dubai with $20 billion in emergency cash to help cover its debts.
Questions were raised about the building's readiness in the months leading up to the January opening.
The opening date had originally been expected in September, but was then pushed back until sometime before the end of 2009. The eventual opening date just after New Year's was meant to coincide with the anniversary of the Dubai ruler's ascent to power.
There were signs even that target was ambitious. The final metal and glass panels cladding the building's exterior were installed only in late September. Early visitors to the observation deck had to peer through floor-to-ceiling windows caked with dust — a sign that cleaning crews had not yet had a chance to scrub them clean.
Work is still ongoing on many of the building's other floors, including those that will house the first hotel designed by Giorgio Armani that is due to open in March. The building's base remains largely a construction zone, with entrance restricted to the viewing platform lobby in an adjacent shopping mall.
The first of some 12,000 residential tenants and office workers are supposed to move in to the building this month.

The Burj Khalifa boasts more than 160 stories. The exact number is not known.

The observation deck, which is mostly enclosed but includes an outdoor terrace bordered by guard rails, is located about two-thirds of the way up on the 124th floor. Adult tickets bought in advance cost 100 dirhams, or about $27. Visitors wanting to enter immediately can jump to the front of the line by paying 400 dirhams — about $110 apiece.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

the making: Heaven or Hell Comics

I just want to share how did it all done to my computer using image of Gloria arroyo & her company..

this is "Behind the Scene" ika nga..

in start, i have little IDEA to experiment dahil nakita ko yung image ni GMA with a title: "a Filipino is worth Dining for" until i find something na nakakatuwa pala basta i-aaply mo yung Politics into COMICS strip.. at kahit ako ay natatawa sa pinagagawa ko tuwing nakikita ko yung mga orihinal na imahe..

from Page 3...

taken from " A FILIPINO IS WORTH DINING FOR" where my idea started

from the Original image..

from Page 8...
the first couple or model couple (daw): need to come up with accurate costume, so i dressed them up with their main costume..

from Page 9...

taken from this scene...

need stable characters and setting, thats why i remove the image of VP noli.. & put image of JDV taken from here..

at si Romulo Neri ay hinde kumakaway kundi NANUNUMPA hehehe

plus FG..

plus the devil, with konting retouch para maging formal ang kasuotan..

from Page 12...

mula sa maamong IMAHE ng ating mahal na pangulo.. (charing..)

lalo na kapag nakakagawa ng kasalanan sa Bansa like "HELLO GARCI scandal", I was thinking what will word of mouth could i put... if like this??...

pero DAHIL MAY NAG-TXT,,, mas bagay daw ito:

from Page 13...

this scene is not in the Philippines, this image is taken from documentary file in Cambodia.. para po sa ating kaalaman, mas malala pa ang problema ng Cambodia tungkol sa Basura kumpara sa Pilipinas..

from Page 14...

the garbage in fire behind Pres. Gloria Arroyo.... a real GARBAGE as HERSELF

pero ang importante ay ang mensahe nitong COMICS, kaya dapat maging matalino tayo sa pagpili para sa susunod na Pangulo ng ating bansa...
that's all

you can make COMICS also,, here's a guide :

Friday, February 5, 2010

Heaven or Hell

This is a Good & Informative Story, send by my brother thru Email I think 6 years ago.

Everytime that election is coming, I make more copy and spread it to my entire friend, particularly to those newly registered voter (sometimes by E-mail).

I used to get discouraged when other people didn’t reply or otherwise acknowledge my existence

I often wonder, How do I influence my Friend to decide to open this Mail & get them convince to read this Story..

So, I turning it to a “well-developed” story. I used elements of politics in Philipppines & make it like COMICS....

Here’s my experiment, Enjoy!


Monday, February 1, 2010


Manny Pacquiao Earnings Since June, 2001

$ 40,000 — VS Lehlo Ledwaba (South Africa), June 21, 2001, Las Vegas
$ 120,000 — VS Agapito Sanchez (Dominican Republic), Nov. 11,2001, SF, California
P10 million — VS Fabbrakob Rakkiatgym (Thailand), Oct. 26, 2002, Davao
P1 million — VS Serikzhan Yeshmangbetov (Kazakhstan) , March 15, 2003, Taguig
$ 70,000 — VS Jorge Julio (Colombia), June 8, 2002, Memphis, Tennessee
$ 500,000 — VS Marco Antonio Barrera (Mexico), Nov. 15, 2003 SA, Texas
$ 750,000 — VS Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico), May 8, 2004 Las Vegas
P3 million — VS Fahsan 3K Battery (Thailand), Dec. 11, 2004, Manila
$ 1.75 million — VS Erik Morales (Mexico), March 19, 2005, Las Vegas
$ 750,000 — VS Hector Velazquez (Mexico), Sept. 10, 2005, LA, California
$ 2 million — VS Erik Morales, January 21, 2006, Las Vegas
$ 1 million — VS Oscar Larios (Mexico), July 2, 2006, Quezon City
$ 2.25 million — VS Erik Morales, Nov. 18, 2006, Las Vegas
$ 2 million — VS Jorge Solis (Mexico), April 14, 2007, SA, Texas
$ 3 million — VS Marco Antonio Barrera, Oct. 6, 2007, Las Vegas
$ 3 million — VS Juan Manuel Marquez, March 15, 2008, Las Vegas
$ 3 million — VS David Diaz (US), June 28, 2008, Las Vegas
$ 23 million – VS De la Hoya (US-Mexican) Dec 6, 2008 Las Vegas
$ 12 million – VS Hatton (British) May 2, 2009 Las Vegas
$ 13 million – VS Cotto (Puerto Rico) Nov 14, 2009 Las Vegas

But hold on, this mind-boggling amount does not include his earnings from his commercial endorsements nearly all of them signed and sealed in strict confidence. Among his biggest clients are Nike and San Miguel Corporation. He has also endorsed Motolite, No Fear, Alaxan, Philippine Airlines, Smart and Extreme Magic Sing, among others.Figures earned from the television broadcast of his fights and other TV shows are also not included. From these extras, add perhaps another P500 million. Needless to say, Pacquiao's income easily surpasses those of other Filipino professionals such as Efren "Bata" Reyes, golfers Frankie Miñoza, and Jennifer Rosales and top basketball players, most of whom haven't probably gotten past the P50 million mark.

Pacquiao's bank account is expected to enjoy another wild ride once the fight against Clottey is over.

Whew, nakakahilo ang MONEY ni MANNY..

My Question is:

What if MANNY PACQUIAO is still single right now, Do you think He will choose JINKY to be his WIFE????????

If Too Much GIRLS (as in FANS) around him

If Too much GIRLS (as in ‘Close’ FANS) around him

If Too Much GIRLS (as in “close FRIENDS?”) around him

If have GIRLS (as in CELEBRITY) around him

If have GIRLS (as in “other GIRL”) around him

If have GIRL (as in “other GIRL”) "FOLLOW HIM"

But they need to face the REALITY, Manny is already TAKEN

Kaya GOODLUCK sa mga GIRLs na naghahangad ng MONEY ni MANNY..

At GOODLUCK din kay MANNY na naghahangad ng maraming HONEY..

Ang masuwerteng GIRL ni MANNY..

ay ang kanyang DARLING..