Saturday, August 18, 2012

10 Best sex positions for girls

Pump up the pleasure

Up the ante on your bedroom antics and check out Cosmo's moves that are all about you you you. Pump up the pleasure with these moves that will bring you to the Big O in an electrifying flash...

1. Figure- eight

This position will get you double the orgasmic pleasure: His penis's circular motions tantalize your vagina while his pubic bone lightly rubs against your clitoris. This is a slow-building, easy-orgasm position that allows you to lie back and let him please you with long, sensual strokes, until you climb to a powerful peak.

2. Tight squeeze

Prepare to take total control! With your legs clenched and your ankles crossed, you can feel the entire length of your man's member and grip it tight, creating loads of feel-good friction as he thrusts deep. While you're rocking randily, have him reach under you and play with your breasts, or brush his lips against your neck and nibble on your earlobe. Though this move offers megasensation, there isn't a lot of motion, so it's a prime pose for guys hoping to hold off on climaxing.

3. The Dragon

Get ready for an electrifying experience...The circular stimulation of your man's penis will slowly electrify your entire vagina, bringing on a subtle yet superstrong orgasm. There isn't a lot of motion with this position, so it's a good one to try if he's prone to come quickly and you want to delay his climax (or if you just want to savor the feel of each other's bodies). Ask him to explore the more neglected parts of your body like your back and the base of your neck with his lips, tongue, and even his teeth. This him-on-top is all about you, you, you.

4. On the edge

This is one position that is sure to send you over the edge because you control both the depth of penetration and the intensity of clitoral stimulation. He'll love it because it gives him a chance to reach around and let his hands wander-have him use the pads of his fingers to tickle your butt, back, and thighs. Plus, he's in prime position to caress your buttocks and to stroke and kiss your breasts, face, and neck.

5. The G-force

This move means you have to hand over the reins to him, but it's worth it. For those who know the power of the G-spot, the deep, intense penetration will send you spinning. And there's no reason he can't be doing double duty. The G-Force is the perfect position for him to be inside you while using his hand to stimulate your clitoris. If you can surrender your on-top status, this is one position where the Force will be with you.

6. Up, up and away

If you want goose-bump-inducing friction try this: keep your legs high and close together creates a super-tight fit. And since he's entering you at a slight (about thirty-degree) angle, you both get a down-there sensation that's very distinct from what you're used to in the missionary or doggy position. You can stroke your own bliss button while your man pumps away, or just lie back, luxuriate in how oh-so-fabulous your body feels.

7. Side wind-her

Get your hips ready! Your man will gyrate his hips to ensure every thrust hits a new pleasure zone 
inside you, keeping you on the edge of ecstasy and 100% satisfied. Plus, he'll love the carnal control and being able to take in the lusty landscape of all your sexiest spots. Since he's enjoying being the power behind this position, let him do the work while you lie back, relax, and get your moan going.

8. Standing tiger/ crouching dragon

The best phrase of all: you get to focus on your own climax. In this position
you can easily reach your clitoris with one hand, and with his penis angled to hit the front wall of your tightened vagina, you're in perfect position for generous G-spot stimulation. And with his hands on your hips, he gets pleasure from controlling the angle and pace of thrusting - a take-charge role he won't be able to resist. It's a win-win sexual situation.

9. Frisky floor show

Unique and ultimately satisfying, this position elevates your buttocks, allowing him to thrust downward at a unique angle. The internal pressure created by the force of his thrusting will stimulate your clitoris from the inside. Plus, the southern direction of his plunge will increase his chances of hitting your ultrasensitive G-spot.

10. Face to face fandango

Unlike other deep-access positions, this one allows for optimum eye contact, kissing, and touching. He can play with your breasts with his hands or tongue, and with your hands above your head, it's up to him to triple your trysting pleasure.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Patriotic Bikini Controversy

JULY 4 2012 : US Independence Day

Kate Upton in a AMERICAN FLAG BIKINI sucking on a red white and blue ice pop nearly "crashed the internet" according to GQ magazine's twitter feed, which promoted July's covergirl with twee-ful glee. Love it or hate it, and people did both, the cover drew national attention. 

Because section eight of the U.S. Flag code states "the flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery," the image courts not only ogling but enough controversy to eek out a little extra attention.


AUGUST 15 2012 : INDIA National Day

Daily Bhaskar reports that Gehna had sported a bikini along with an INDIAN FLAG, draped around the lower part of her body.



In a recent incident, small time actress Gehna Vashist was brutally assaulted in Mumbai on Monday evening by some unknown social activists, after she evoked anger amongst the masses over her controversial bikini photo shoot.

This was a sheer insult to our National flag, hence the people couldn't accept this. Gehna VASHIST  was reportedly attacked by a mob of roughly 20-25 people.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My 10 fav Female athletes of London 2012 Olympics

 STEPHANIE Rice - Australia - Swimmer

 DARYA Klishina - Russia - Long Jumper


 NIKI Gudex - Australia - Mountain Biker


 Lolo Jones - USA - Track & Field


 FRANCESCA Piccinini - Italy - Volleyball


LERYN Franco - Paraguay -Javelin

 ALEX Morgan - USA - Soccer


MELANIE Adams - Australia - Pole Vault


 FATIMA MOREIRA De Melo - Netherland -Hockey


The silver is now hers, and she has an amazing figure to wear it with.  Maria is definitely one of a kind

 MARIA Sharopova - Russia - Tennis