Friday, April 4, 2014


is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.. "2013 word of the year"

Different Types of Selfie
by KNM_Ocelot

*** Default Facial Expression***
The Specific look you toss off when you hold your smartphone out at arm's length and click a self pix
A smile is one of the most appreciated and charming expressions you can wear, either "Ngiting Mentos (closed mouth)" or "Ngiting Close up (smile with teeth)" you better off sticking with smile than another expression..

Adding Ingredients like Hand Gesture gives plenty of clues into reading their intent..

 Tiger Claw
Dirty Finger
Heart shape
Armpit Queen
(as if she is really a vixen)
 Brushing Hair Off her face
combination of nerves and flirtation, helps call attention to and frame her feminine assets

***Perfect Angle***
 Posing in different angle is not anywhere as easy as you think it is.. by Figuring out what is the Best Angle for your Face and Body, it will be determined by how creative you are..

Sexy Back
3D Angle
 The Good Side
Slightly turning around 30 degree of the face to show off their "Good_Side"
The selfie shot most practiced by men is the “ab shot”, which is a photo taken in the mirror - See more at:
The Selfie shot most practiced by men is "The Abs shot" which is a photo taken with the mirror
My Space Angle
According to popular dating website The Most popular angle for women is the "Myspace Angle" which is takes a Selfie from a high Angle
Angling the Camera slightly above herself and taking snapshot of her face and chest will highlight her Cleavage.. and absolutely she will got a thousand likes in Facebook & Instagram

You are the Star of your Selfie, but that doesn't mean you should ignore what's behind you.

Outdoor Selfie
Inside The Car
 In a Toilet
 At Gym
Most common place for girl who take their photos is in their bedroom
 Sometimes they don't care about the unpleasant Background
they don't care to a Photo-Bombers like a Child playing behind, waiting to ruin their moment
(Parenting Fail)
unwanted Scene that you can't get rid of?.. Don't Hesitate to use the Crop Tool sometime
for a better selfie, you must learn Photoshop to erase or blur the Background :)
or you can use Camera 360.

***Costume & Props***
for Additional Impressive array of Poses

Santa Claus Costume
The Sea Fearer
The Gangster
The RockStar
 The Millionaire 
(commonly use for Online Networking business)
  The Food Lover
Or Animal Lover
but make sure your pet is a Human Lover ..

 ***The Gimmick***
Specific Style or Look for their Self-Portrait

Pretending to be asleep Selfie
Pretending someone is calling
Selfie while in Parlor

After Bath Selfie
 Tambay @ Starbucks
buy at least 1 flavor of coffee, take a Selfie and perhaps you are "IN"
Voter's Selfie
New Pair of Shoes Selfie
Ohh.. Im @ Hospital :((

***The Latest and Popular***

Extreme Selfie
Deliberately Exhibitionist Pose

Try Too Hard Extreme Selfie
GoPro Selfie
Try Too Hard GoPro Selfie
 ScotchTape Selfie
One of the weirdest internet trends within rescent memory. After wrapping their faces up with clear tape and distorting their features, they take a self portrait and share it with their friends

AfterSex Selfie 
A new trend that is sweeping Instagram w/ a hashtag #aftersex

***The "SELFIE" President***

***The Most Trending Selfie***

The most star-studded selfie ever sent Twitter into a meltdown as the website crashed after struggling to cope with the staggering spike in traffic

Within half an hour of being posted the post was shared more than HALF A MILLION times - and has now been retweeted an astonish 2.7million times, smashing the previous record set by President Obama with his iconic 'four more years' tweet.
 Among the stars in the image are Oscar nominees Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Bradley Cooper

***The Richest Selfie in the world***

The three mega rich and powerful men participated in a "selfie" taken by CNBC's Becky Quick in Omaha when they appeared together on the US channel Squawk Box; a rare incident

(from left: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger)