Friday, November 6, 2009

Engineer is a Boring Profession….. ?/!

What will my batch mate (Enverga University BSCE grad 2003)

Mr Marvin Flores, Dubai (our PICE president)
Mr Reinald Jun De Vera, Dubai (my kumpareng aning)
My groupmate in Thesis : Mr GP Annonuevo, KSA & Ms Dianna David, Australia
Mr Charlito Rufo, KSA (epsilonian)

….COMMENT if they read this?

Because I’m sure they are all enjoyed to their Profession right now..

Qestion is.. “why did I take Engineering Course kung Boring????”

After I finished my High schooling, I don’t know exactly what I want in College..
But before, my first Choice is FINE ARTS because I always got 2nd to the top in Drawing Class in high school.. 1st – MYSUN LUIS: in fairness may talent ka!..

but some people say: “NAKU, GUTOM ANG AABUTIN MO DYAN”
My Mother choose BSCE course and MSE University for me, and I agree kasi she give me a chance to take Entrance Exam sa PUP pero hinde pumasa,, (kahiya naman)

But in MSEUF (Lucena City), even you selected all “A” in multiple choice to your entrance exam, you are passed..
MSEUF is also Good School.. (also lang?)
also kasi madami dun teacher mukhang pera especially in Engineering Department
they give you “INComplete” in classcard for no reason.. yun pala hihingi lang ng Libro then may Grade ka na.. tsk tsk tsk

Why my mother choose BSCivil Engineer for me?
My mother is working as arecord officer in DPWH until now

hmmm, ang pagkakaalam ko yumayaman nga naman ang mga Engineer sa DPWH.. mga buwayang Engineer,,
But my mother always say na wag gagayahin mga engineer sa kanila, (ano bang meron sa mga engineer jan sa DPWH?)
So I have 1 reason now why do I want to be an engineer..
For money..

They have some question to review before I enter to this course, and it will help also for some student who want to take this course..

1. Do you have any high school courses to recommend before going to college for engineering?
2. Were you in any advance classes like today there’s honors and AP classes?
3. Did you take any engineering classes in high school
4. How many years did you go to college for?
5. How long did it take for you to find a job after college?
6. What’s the work attire?
7. Do you work out in the field and if you do how often and how long?
8. Does your job require a lot of traveling?
9. Are there many hazards and if there are some can you give me an example of one?
10. What is the usually pay for a beginner in your profession?
11. Are there many benefits from the company you work with?
12. Do you always have to be up to date with technology and other advancements for your job?
13. How many hours does your job require a week?
14. What types of projects do you usually work on?
15. What’s the longest project you ever worked on?
16. Do you work more on CAD or do you use hand drafting instead?
17. Have any of your projects gone really wrong before?
18. Does this job cause a lot of stress
19. Do you enjoy what you do?
20. What is a typical day for you?
21. Before you went to college did you know what you wanted to do and if you did, did you change your major any?

In my college life, I enjoyed myself as engineering student
Tried to enter as member of Fraternity (EPSILONIAN), Academian (MSEUF Academic Club), Rock Band (OBLIVION), Religious group, Ect blah blah

And still not sure if engineering is really what I want until I’ve finished my tertiary level..
Now I’m working as material engineer in the middle of the desert, and always ask to myself,
Do am sure that this is really what I want???

I’ve seen one vandal in wall of one Filipino here..
If Einstein have formula e=mc2,,

Work.. work... work,, test,, compute, work.. Inip,, boring… work
at parang may Kulang...

One night, I received a call from my brother in Riyadh (05Nov.09, 22:35), he told that he is watching a Gig of group of Filipino who played rock music in bday party,,
huwooow.. my mind become totally awaken

This is the “ONE” that my MIND, BODY, and HEART looking for..

MUSIC… it was complete me..

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