Friday, September 4, 2009

DOUBLE TROUBLE (Leah Dizon VS Misa Campo)

Leah Dizon now as a heavy weight rival on body Misa Campo. Both of Leah Dizon and Misa Campo is a star from each countries. Both are also a mixed raced model. Their face actually is looks a like. Similar hair, face, and hot body.

Leah Dizon (リア・ディゾン Ria Dizon?, born Leah Donna Dizon on September 24, 1986) is a model, singer, actress, and TV personality in Japan, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Her ethnicities include Chinese, Filipino and French. In 2006, she moved to Tokyo, Japan after being accepted by a Japanese talent agency for her modeling. Soon after, she began her music career releasing Japanese-language songs.

Misa Campo (born January 23, 1987 in Montréal, Quebec) is a Filipina/Dutch model (person). she is also a new model and her career hasn't exploded yet, she has become widely known and very popular among the people that have come across her. She currently is "working on her growing career as a model while being a barmaid in California."

Do you believe?...

Leah Dizon and Misa Campo has similarity to their face, body & Personality..

Fact 1: Both HOT & Sexy
Fact 2: Both Race Queen & Import Tuner

Leah Dizon
Misa Campo

Fact 3: Same like "Playing & Posing in the Beach"

Leah Dizon
Misa Campo

Fact 4: have photo in same "SETS"



Fact 5: Same Way in "Posing Style"

Spaghetti Style
even in their OLD photos... same

this next photo is not suitable for minor

Semi-Nude Style

Leah Dizon * Misa Campo

Same HOT, Sexy, Color ,Shirt & Position....

& last but not the least....


Mookie-Mookie said...

Great comparison. i'm currently into misa but when i went back to check with leah on this article i was amazed how prettier leah is. lol i'd say they're both pretty but there's something about leah that misa can't match.

Anonymous said...